Configuring Exchange 2013

Exchange 2013 Configuration Notes

goto https://localhost/ecp
goto servers, enter the product key to licence the server
restart the information store service - services.msc

goto mail flow and add a send connector
(Default Send) - Internet
Use MX records
This exchange server

Accepted Domains
Add your domain

Email Address policies
edit existing
add email address format
unassigned - apply

Move mailbox databases off the system drive
create a folder (Exchange) note path
Find existing path and name in servers databases edit
Start - Exchange Management Shell
Move-DatabasePath -Identity "databasename" -EdbFilePath "%newpath%\databasename.edb"
check the properties that it's moved and check the folder

setup a share for Certificate Requests eg Cert-Reqs
add create a request for a Certification Authority
Sensible friendly name for console
not a wildcard - expensive
store the request on a share
edit service names
remember you can't have local (internal) names anymore ****
take out private (.local) from autodiscover
edit the list
remeber your company details for next time
save it to the earlier share

use the info in the cert req for your CA
pay for Cert

Then Complete request
download the certificate
(put received cert in the share)
check the file extension
edit the cert check details and assign services smtp, imap, iis
overwrite the existing certificate
signout and close browser

test with https://localhost/owa should throw a cert error
setup split DNS
new forward lookup zone
A records for for mail.... and autodiscover.....
test with https://mail.domainname.tld/owa

Create users in AD

goto https://mail.domainname.tld/ecp
goto recipients, mailboxes, + (add)
browse for existing users, choose and save